Sunday, September 26, 2010

Write In YOUR Voice

Writing is an art, a gift, a skill, a talent. Not everyone has it. If you don’t have the gift of writing, stop struggling and give yourself a break. Don’t let that small shortcoming discourage you from journaling or from telling your story. One technique I have suggested for several clients as an introduction to journaling is to record your voice. 
Most people can express themselves fairly well when speaking. If you’re asked certain questions, you can usually answer them verbally. So, try that approach with your journal. Get yourself an inexpensive recording device -- it could be your cell phone recorder, a digital recorder or an old-fashioned tape recorder. Then, just talk. It might feel weird at first, but just find yourself a quiet spot and talk about what you would like to journal. 
Talk about what’s on your mind, what happened to you today, what you want to happen for your business, what you wish you could tell your boss, how great you feel about yourself or how relieved your are that you’ve finally gotten past an emotional issue. Then, play the tape back. Listen to your words. Get a feel for your cadence, your choice of words, your “voice.” Next, try to write this way. Learn to hear your own voice in your head as you write. It will get easier the more you do it. Soon enough, you’ll be writing in your own voice.
Don’t pressure yourself with trying to write like some famous author. You’ll never get anywhere that way. Be yourself. Write in your voice. You might be surprised at how well you like it.

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