Friday, October 8, 2010

Write With Your Readers in Mind

Writers often write for themselves first -- to share a life lesson or some words of wisdom or a touching story from their past or the knowledge they’ve acquired on a particular subject. Once they get it all out, they think about their readers. How great would it be if, while you’re writing your book, you consider your readers. If you want people to purchase, read and enjoy your book, take them into consideration when you develop and write it. 

Two of the most common reasons people read are: for education and for inspiration. Readers want to learn something or be inspired by your story. They want to know what you know. So, as you share your life with your readers, consider this: when the reader reads the last sentence of your book and closes it for the final time, she’ll stare into the ceiling of her bedroom and ... what? What do you want her to think, feel and do? 

Think: You want your readers to think something about all of the stuff they just read in your book. What do you want them to think?
Feel: Books evoke feelings. A good book, as described by any reader, will cause a feeling. What do you want your readers to feel when they finish reading your book?
Do: Oftentimes, at the close of a good book, I’m inspired to do something, to try something new, to change the way I react or relate to something or someone. That’s pretty powerful. What do you want your readers to do after they’ve digested all of the nuggets in your book?
Whether you’ve just started, are midway through or have already completed your great book, take these things into consideration. If you need to go back to clarify the “think, feel, do” aspects for your readers, do so. Don’t spell it out for them like a school lesson. Instead, show them through the words on the pages of your book; through the stories that explain your journey; through the tips and tactics you've gained through your years of wisdom and knowledge. You’ll be amazed at how much richer your writing is and how much your readers will enjoy the gift you’ve shared with them.

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