Sunday, November 21, 2010

Make Writing a Habit

What do you do everyday? Besides the usual eating, sleeping, working and other typical activities? What I mean is, what do you do everyday ... that you don’t have to do? I ask the question because for many aspiring writers, the thought of making time each day to write seems like a major stretch. But it won’t be if you make writing a habit. Yes, a habit, much like you habitually do so many other things in your daily life. You see, when you are truly ready to write your book, you ache to get it out. Your mind is constantly thinking about it. Until you commit to it and make it a priority, it will nudge at you like a scratch that you can’t seem to itch. 

Most people would say that there’s not much at all that they do everyday outside of the necessities of life. However, if you were to examine your life honestly, you could easily find activities (dare I say, habits) that you perform religiously that you could eliminate, or at least decrease, so you can write.
How much time do you spend watching television? I know, I know, that’s how you relax. Well, consider how much more relaxed you would be if you weren’t constantly thinking, “I should be writing,” and you actually turned off the TV and got busy! Okay, how much time do you spend checking personal email or reviewing the posts of your “friends” on Facebook? Ouch! I know, that one hurt, but it’s true. Email and Facebook can be two of the biggest time wasters and procrastinating activities for people who really should be doing something else. I’m certainly not suggesting that you don’t do these things. My point is that if these activities have become a habit for you, it’s worth it to examine how much attention you’re giving them. 
None of your quasi-habits would be so bad, I suppose, if you didn’t have the desire to write. But you do, and the time you spend doing these other habitual things would be much better spent getting your book done.
So, I challenge you to make writing a habit. Make it a priority. Find one activity in your day that you could decrease or eliminate so that you can make time to write. Trust me, you’ll thank yourself for it.

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