Monday, December 13, 2010

Name that Newsletter

As if the blog, the author’s coaching program, the teleseminars, the workshop, the self-study program and the journal aren’t enough meat for the Write Your Life Program, I’m actually launching the e-zine in January 2011. The only challenge: I don’t have a name for it yet. So, I need your help. I have a tagline, but no title. What’s that all about? 

Anyway, I had a list of about 40 potential names for this electronic newsletter, but I obviously need to narrow it down to 1. That’s where you come in. Please send me your suggestion for the 1/one (only 1) e-newsletter title that you like best. I need to hear from you by December 31st. If you don’t like any of the below ideas, suggest one/1 (only 1). Here’s what you need to know before voting/suggesting:
The Audience: The newsletter will target aspiring authors. Successful women in Corporate America and in business (entrepreneurs, solopreneurs), who want to write and publish a memoir, autobiography or how-to book. 
The Content: It’s all about what an aspiring author needs to know to start, finish, publish, market and sell her first book. We’re talking tips, resources, interviews with industry experts, articles from leading sources and content from yours truly, the Writer Extraordinaire.
The Frequency: Twice a month. That’s enough to keep the audience engaged, and hopefully not too much to bombard them.
So, get to work people. I need to hear from you in short order. The e-zine is set to launch in early January, but it goes nowhere without a name. I’m sooooo looking forward to hearing from you. Oh, and by the way, be sure to tell your friends to follow this blog so they can be added to the e-zine subscriber list. This is going to be so much fun!
Here's how to vote:
  1. Select the e-zine title you like best (or make one up).
  2. Email with your choice. Put "e-zine" as the subject.
  3. Click "send"

Totally easy!

Here are the choices:
  • Author Aspirations
  • Author Inspirations
  • Write to Success
  • Book Your Success
  • _______________What's your suggestion?

Here's the tagline (this will follow the title): "Be an Author. Be an Expert. Be Amazing."

Now, get those votes in by December 31st!

Thanks a million (in advance)!

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