Wednesday, April 11, 2012

PULL Marketing Strategies for AUTHORpreneurs

Have you ever had someone try to force you to buy something? You know, maybe like their book or another product or service? I’m sure you know what I mean. The person selling their stuff is certain that it’s good, yet still they think you have to be convinced, cajoled, and coerced to buy it. What’s that about? It really boils down to them pushing their stuff on you. That’s called PUSH marketing. It’s the old way of doing things. Think of the loud-mouthed pitchmen you see on TV selling the Sham (whatever) and Oxy (such and such). 

Now, think about whether you want to present yourself and your book in the same light. You’re not a pitchman/woman; you’re an author with a great book that supports an even greater platform. The content in your book is exactly what someone is seeking to help solve a problem or provide greater understanding in a particular area. So there’s no need to push; you only have to make people (the ideal people) aware of what you know, what you have, and how it will help them. That’s called PULL marketing. It’s one of the most effective ways of marketing and selling your book.

Pull or attraction marketing isn’t new. Experts, specialists, corporations, and sadly even con-men have used this strategy for years. AUTHORpreneurs – entrepreneurs who are also published authors – are now beginning to apply the techniques that will attract readers to their books, users to their services, and buyers to their other products. Pull marketing strategies can be an AUTHORpreneur’s best friend when properly understood and applied. 

Here are just a few techniques that can yield big results for you:

Find a need (and meet it): Determine how your book helps meet an existing need or solves a problem that your ideal readers or clients have.

Plant a seed (and water it): Give readers or potential clients/customers a small, but useful bit of information to illustrate your knowledge.

Develop a creed (and share it): Make a promise about how your book can help meet the need. Be sure it’s something you can back up with facts, a system or process, proof, testimonials, and/or a guarantee. 

Do the deed (and work it): Get out there in a big way with a message that will attract people to the concepts and content in your book.  

What a great way to market and sell you book without being salesy. Pull marketing is about building awareness, positioning you as an expert, and using your book as a tool for greater knowledge and understanding. 

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In the meantime, here’s something to consider: What examples of pull or attraction marketing have influenced you as a consumer/customer/client? Did you buy?

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