Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Momentum of Multiple Books

One of the best ways to promote your current book is to write another book. Can that really be true?
I interviewed Jon Gordon, bestselling author of 7 business books, and he said that has been true for him. One of his early books, The Energy Bus, was published in 2007, but in May 2012 was #7 on the Wall Street Journal list and #6 on the USA Today bestseller list. Jon’s newest book, The Positive Dog, was released in May around that same time. Jon says, “The Positive Dog launch was helped by all the other books I’ve published. This book launched the strongest of any of my books.”

Jon also commented that his previous books are listed on the dust jacket, instead of his bio, to cross market his other books. When people purchase The Positive Dog, they can easily see the other books Jon has written. He went on to say, “When you see an author you enjoy has written other books, you start reading all their books. I notice that’s what is happening to me now. People read The Energy Bus or Training Camp and now they’re reading my other books.”

Other authors have also found they gain traction with additional books because of wider exposure. Jeff Bennington, author of Reunion, an Amazon bestselling supernatural thriller has published 6 novels, as well as a how-to guide for independent authors titled, The Indie Author's Guide to the Universe. In it he notes, “the more books you have on the digital bookshelf, the more visible you will become.” The Indie Author’s Guide includes comments from many bestselling indie authors including Dean Wesley Smith. Dean says if he wants to write full-time, he’ll need at least 15 books published.

The energy you generate through writing can be powerful. The Law of Attraction states that what you energetically send out comes back to you. Most authors in the midst of writing are in a zone of creative energy. The marketing activities to promote their book are necessary, but often less enjoyable. So, dedicating time in your schedule to write and bask in the creative zone can bleed over into your marketing activities, making those activities more enjoyable and filled with ease. As Jeff Bennington comments, “Start writing your next book. You can market and seek reviews when you need a break.”

From a mastery perspective, the more you learn, the more ideas you explore, the more things you try and the more you write, the better you become. The journey of being a better writer and more successful marketer happens with every book you publish. Let it be fun and try something new… maybe a book blog tour, a giveaway on Goodreads or a discussion guide for book clubs. Track what works best with your target readers and then try that again with a twist.


Vanessa Lowry is a marketing consultant, graphic designer, author, radio host and speaker. She leverages nearly 30 years of design and marketing expertise to support book authors who are self publishing.
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