Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Writing as an Art Form

Writing as an art form allows you, the writer, to express yourself in a way that can bring a different perspective to readers. As a canvas is to an artist, so is a blank sheet of paper to a writer. As the writer, you combine individual words to construct a sentence with the expectation of creating an emotion. When you finish your work of art, readers have the opportunity to connect with you. You and your readers then share a connection through words. You share the intentional emotion expressed through a scene described, an example explained, or an experience exposed. 

Your expression through words is as musical notes to a musician. Each word creates its own vibration. Musical instruments set the mood for listeners. Your words also set the mood for readers. 
Often, you have a muse as a writer, just as a dancer has with music. When a dancer hears the music, her body begins to sway, almost automatically. The dancer moves rhythmically to the music and demonstrates expression through body language. When you tell your story, your words come alive and a journey begins for readers.

If an artist never draws, we will never have the pleasure of seeing beauty through his eyes. If a musician never plays an instrument, we will never experience the enjoyment of his melodic sounds. If a dancer never dances, we will never see her expressions through movement. Writers called to write give a deeper understanding of emotion, experience, and insight.  

In a fast-paced society, the beauty of art forms are undervalued and overlooked; in reality, they are priceless. The artist, musician, dancer, and writer share an inner beauty expressed in different art forms. 

As a writer, I encourage all who have written words to share your beauty. You can share your beauty through articles, poems, blog posts, lyrics, or in a book. Whatever your method, begin to draw like an artist, play music like a musician, and dance like a dancer ... yet through words.
Nicole Antoinette, author, publisher, and founder of the Suwanee Festival of Books launched Faith Books & MORE Publishing in June 2008. She is an independent business consultant, professional writer, and adjunct college professor. She currently resides in Suwanee, GA with her son Joshan, an aspiring film director.
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