Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Your Perspective Matters

We are overloaded with information. A simple key word or phrase on Google can yield thousands to millions of results. So, why should you write a book and contribute to information overload?
Its your perspective on the information that matters. Combining your experience, your knowledge and your feelings with data gathered provides a fresh point of view. No one else has the exact combination you do. And what you choose to focus on your wounds and your wows are different than others writing on the same topic.
I host a weekly radio show called Art as Worship. Recently my guest was sculpture artist Martin Dawe. As we sat in the recording studio, we discussed sculpture classes where 20 students all view the same model while creating their sculpture, yet each artists finished work looks completely different. His comment was, In this room were in now, there are literally tens of thousands of things to notice. But you notice fifteen or twenty things that you care about. That's going to be different for everyone. So being creative is really a very personal process.
What makes your book or article interesting from multiple authors writing on the same topic is what you choose to focus on combined with your point of view your humor, your excitement, your emotion and your inspiration gets infused into your writing.
Depending on the type of book youre writing, you may need a certain amount of data. Gather information until your creative ideas start to flow, then start writing. Your perspective shows your readers why this particular data matters.
Writing about a topic helps you clarify your point of view, so you may need to write to determine or distill your personal perspective first. Then write from this clarified perspective for your readers.
Over the last few years, as I planned – and this year as I launched – the Art as Worship radio show, I noticed an increase in books that address creativity and/or spirituality. I dont feel discouraged by the number of books available on these topics. Instead, Im energized by the growing interest from readers who could potentially buy my book when its published. As I interview artists, I notice themes and ahas that will be focal points for writing my Art as Worship book.
The coolest part of my research through the radio show is that Im making more time for my own art, which impacts my work as a graphic designer and consultant and expands my experience as an author and a radio host. My perspective creates a conversation with others and thats when things really get interesting!

Vanessa Lowry is a marketing consultant, graphic designer, author, radio host and speaker. She leverages nearly 30 years of design and marketing expertise to support book authors who are self publishing.
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