Wednesday, June 19, 2013

When to Start Marketing Your Book

One of the questions I get asked all the time is, "When do I start to market my book?" Authors oftentimes wonder if there is a time that is too soon or too late to start getting the word out about their book. Although there are no hard and fast rules to when you should start marketing your book, I suggest you consider where you are in the content development phase of your manuscript. 

Anita Paul shares tips on When to Start Marketing Your Book

Remember that everything you do, anytime and always, to get the word out about your book is marketing. Consider where you are with the development of the content of your book. By the time you get your manuscript complete and sent to your editor, it's time to start marketing your book. Even though it's not complete, even though you might not even have a book cover, this is the perfect time to start marketing your book. What does that look like?  
  • Mention your book in your electronic or print newsletter.
  • Blog about your book.
  • Post about your book on social media sites.

In each of these mediums, mention the process of producing your book. Mention some of the tips contained in your book without giving away too much. This is something many authors are afraid of. Authors sometimes say, "If I talk about my book too soon, why will people buy the book; I've given them all this free content." Well, you're not giving them the full monty in your blog posts and in your social media posts. What you're doing is teasing them. You want to tease people a bit with some of the content that you cover in your book. Also, give an overview of the book, explain what readers can expect to get out of the book, and mention who you wrote the book for. This information helps narrow your focus for when you do your full-blown marketing campaign. 

So these are just a few tips to consider when deciding when to start marketing your book and how to execute early marketing strategies. What other ideas do you have to get the word out about your book early?


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