Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Don't Let Fear Rob You

Guy Finley, best-selling author and self-realization teacher says, “The only barriers between yourself and a life without limits are the powers you’ve mistakenly given to your doubts and fears.”

Sometimes, it’s not until you read something that you become tuned in to just how much

you let your fears determine your actions, or your inaction in many cases. Once I decided to write a book, I thought just making that decision was enough of an accomplishment to put it aside and wait until the next wave of inspiration hit me. Or was the delay in starting simply due to the fear of what to do next? Or better yet, what if ...?

What if I don't have anything worthy enough for an entire book? What if my writing doesn’t sound interesting or compelling enough to keep the readers’ attention? What if nobody buys my book? And on, and on, and on I went. Now, looking back, I see how I gave that fear enormous power. It sounds silly, but I’m sure this kind of thinking is common. In fact, ever since you made the decision to write your book, you’ve experienced some of the very same thoughts.

Now that you've made the decision to become an author, don't put it off one minute longer. Create a timeline starting with a completion date, and then work backwards to schedule weekly deadlines from there. If you are writing 10 chapters, how many are you committing to write each week to get to your completion date? As with most things, the first step of a project is the hardest. If you break it down into bite size pieces (week by week), the project becomes much more manageable. 

Do you have a writing plan? Getting organized and setting yourself up for success will close the gap between where you are and where you want to be. In this case, that gap is the chasm between wanting to write a book and being an author.

Here are my top 5 resources that fear can rob you of:
1.  Joy/Happiness – Keeping you “locked in your box”
2.  More Income or Revenue – Keeping you from expanding or seeking opportunities around you
3.  Time – Keeping you from not getting assistance or making smart choices
4.  Fulfillment – Keeping you from experiencing success or accomplishment
5.  Healthy Relationships – Keeping you from reaching out and being more open

Once you have a plan in place for completing your book, your next step is to remain focused on your goal and committed to the process of getting there.  

The reason we are all good at something is because whatever that something is, we practice it and do it enough that we become good at it.  Staying organized and focused can help you become good at writing your book. The more you do it, the better you get at it, and the better you get at it, the more you like it. Then it becomes second nature because it is linked with feeling right and feeling good.  

So get on a roll with your writing, and before you know it, you will feel a sense of accomplishment like never before. I promise you!

Wendy Ellin, Founder of Atlanta-based Momentum, is a Workplace Productivity Life Changer & Author of the new book “Enough Is Enough, Get Control of Your Stuff!
Wendy shares her insights into living a productive and organized life with humor, a twist of irreverence and a level of passion that motivates her audience to TAKE ACTION IMMEDIATELY.  Her approach to training is engaging, interactive, and with a “let’s make a difference in your life” attitude.  She talks about real challenges that we all experience on a daily basis, such as excessive clutter, email overload, being on time (or not), reasonable expectations for getting things done, over-committing, and much more.

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