Tuesday, January 11, 2011

8 Things to Do in a Snow Storm (the writer's version)

This is day two of the great 2011 Atlanta Snow-in. Who knew a little snow could cause so much trouble? As a California transplant to the south, I expected mild winters -- maybe some low temps, a few snow flurries, some freezing rain from time to time. Well, this week has been all of that and more. But honestly, this isn’t so bad ... that is, if you’re inside a warm place with plenty to eat and something to do. That’s where it seems some people have lost the benefit of these few snow days. Can you say, “Cabin fever?” 
Aspiring writers, I call on you to take this time and turn it into an opportunity to make progress on your book project. If you’re “stuck” inside, unable to safely make it to your 9-to-5, or your kids' school or your errands, here are 8 things you could be doing to make progress on your book 
1. Complete your outline
2. Continue journaling
3. Craft a scene
4. Develop some dialog
5. Sketch out a few possible endings to your book

Use this time to develop your book. Remember the 90,000 words in 90 days challenge. Here’s your chance to catch up on those days when you weren’t able to write, or even to get ahead on you word count. 

For already published authors:
6. Research organizations that you could speak to
7. Do an online search for radio shows on which you could be a guest
8. Contact booksellers to schedule a book signing

Get a plan going to market yourself as an author, sell your book and upsell your expertise. 

This is no time to sit on your ass-ets! Let’s get going! Who knows how long this wintery weather could last. Before you know it, you could have your book done and have a full schedule of speaking engagements to look forward to. 
Be diligent and focus on making progress. I want you to finish what you started and I’m here to help. Just holler. I'll be tap, tap, tapping away on my own book project!
All the best to you.

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