Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Stop Waiting on the Sidelines: Build Your Reputation ... as an Author

Who are you, what do you know and why should I care? That’s what people are asking themselves when they meet you at networking gatherings, meetings and events. Oh sure, you present the perfect package on the outside -- professional dress, warm smile, fancy business card, firm handshake. But what’s your message? What’s your brand? What’s your story? 
What you know is greater than the college you attended, the degree you earned, your job title or even how long you’ve been in business. Your effectiveness as a professional  is established by your ability to clearly communicate and demonstrate your know-how. If you’re waiting for people to figure it out, you’ll be waiting a long time. People aren’t interested in figuring you out; they want you to show what you know. 

As an author, you have an immediate calling card. Much more powerful than a simple business card, your book is an open door to conversation about who you are, what you know and how that affects the person or people you’re talking to. Despite the fact that there are millions of books on the shelves and in cyberspace, people remain fascinated by authors. They’re the ones who were able to do what so many others wish to do -- write a book. When you tell someone whom you’ve just met that you are an author, they are immediately interested in you. They suddenly view you as an expert, and they believe that you are:
  • A gifted writer
  • Someone able to organize her thoughts
  • Good at explaining concepts
  • Able to persuade others
  • Able to instruct others 
  • In high demand 
  • Important
  • Valuable
  • Interesting

When you are able to explain the concepts, experiences and lessons in your book in a way that allows others to glean some knowledge, that further upsells your assets. Now, your audience can see how your knowledge benefits them and they’re much more likely to buy your book, hire you, pay you more, invite you to speak to their group and tell others about you.

Waiting on the sidelines for someone to notice your fabulous-ness, your uniquness, your juicy-ness is simply a waste of time. Writing your book is a sure-fire way to get the ball rolling towards greater success in your career. So, what are you waiting for?

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