Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Be an AUTHORity

An authority is an accepted source of information and advice, an expert on a particular subject. When you become an author, you are an authority. You are sharing your expertise with others as an indication of your authority in an area or situation. Granted, you might not be the only authority, but your knowledge, your years of experience, your confidence, and your willingness to share what you know position you as an authority. 
Three of the greatest assets you can have as an authority--and as you write your life--are:
  1. Knowledge
  2. Experience
  3. Confidence

Knowledge: Write what you know. List the points of knowledge you have gained in your life and your career and make those points the foundation of your book. No experience is a wasted experience if you gained knowledge from it.
Experience: Speaking of experience, the length of time you have spent doing something is valuable to others. No one wants to hear from a “Johnny come lately.” Readers, however, will respect your authority when they know you bring years of experience to the table.
Confidence: No matter how much knowledge or experience you have, if you lack confidence, your subject matter will fall flat. Develop a healthy confidence that you know what you know and that you are the best person to share that knowledge with your readers.
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