Saturday, November 12, 2011

Meeting of the Minds

Michael N. Henderson (l) and Ken Thomas (r).

It’s always fun to see genealogists get together and discuss their research. What’s great is the energy and collaboration that sparks between the two. I was “the fly on the wall” when Michael N. Henderson and Ken Thomas met up at the Georgia Family History Expo today at the Gwinnett Center. 
Both were featured on the PBS TV series History Detectives. Ken’s show aired in 2004 and Michael’s segment was out just last year. Click here to watch.
Ken is a member of the board of the Georgia Genealogical Socety, and heads up the Georgia Professional Genealogists. He’s a wealth of information.
Michael is the first African American in Georgia inducted into the National Society Sons of the American Revolution. He was recently elected as President of the Button Gwinnett Chapter, Georgia Society, SAR.
Meeting like minds and making connections are just two reasons to attend expos and conferences related to your interests. This includes attending events for writers and aspiring authors.
What conferences do you plan to attend in 2012 to help move your book project forward? Now is the time to make plans to invest in yourself.

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